Root Revival Hair Mask

A highly concentrated pre-wash
treatment that restores moisture and
smoothness to hair lengths and ends.

Root Revival Hair Shampoo

A gentle, sulfate-free cleanser that does
everything from rebalancing your roots to
adding light hydration.

Root Revival Hair Tonic

Refresh and vitalise your sensitive scalp.
The tonic with organic stinging nettle
extract and provitamin B5 soothes dry
scalps and strengthens the hair.


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about us

We believe that
great hair is for everyone

Hair, being part of our identity, we understand how women communicate sensuality, vibrancy and energy through the style and condition of their hair; whether it is long, short, straight, curly or layered cut, the desired hairstyle can only maintained in a tip top shape if we have healthy blooming hair. 


Amazingly, it has a very nice and long lasting scent. After shampooing, my scalp felt fresh and less oily. Loving how the scent last. My hair is soft also. Best of all, after wearing the hijab for the whole day, my hair still feels light and soft and the scent still stay. Hair fall surprisingly do reduce even though the usage duration is short. A good shampoo for those who wear hijab. It is affordable too.

Something good product to add in ur hair routine. hair tonic sangat wangi tahan lama yang sesuai untuk wanita berhijab dan ada masalah bau. Bagus juga utk kulit yg sensitive sebab ada cooling effects.

Overall very good products that not waste ur money!

First nak cakap packaging sangat nice and look exclusive. Syampu n hair mask tu saya suka sebab bau wangi macam cuci dekat salon 😍 Then hair tonic tu pon wangi sangat sangat plus sejuk je bila pakai tak macam hair tonic lain yang bau menyengat hidung 😵 Amy jenis rambut gugur n berminyak if 2 3 hari tak syampu. But this haircare bantu gila kurangkan minyak lagi lagi after buat double cleansing. LOVE IT ❤️Jatuh cinta dengan set haircare by veera nie ❤️❤️❤️

After pakai satu set ni , maigad rambut tasya jadi lembut sgt . lpstu wangi more than 8hours . kulit kepala rasa segar je tau . rambut pn dh kurang gugur . mmg best lah pakai . xmenyesal beli satu set

Seriously! Saya suka pakai products Ve’Era, rambut Saya jadi lembut dan sangat mudah untuk dijaga. Shampoo yang wangi, masque membuatkan rambut Saya jadi lebih lembut!

I really² love it! Ve’Era sudah menjadi pilihan tetap Saya , Harga pun berpatutan, I like it!.

The first thing yg i tengok ofc the design of the bottle . simple but its look so elegant and very ringan . its easy to use sebab just one pump je dah boleh guna 😆 and one more things i like the texture of the shampoo tau sebab dia like gel and takkan tumpah if i pump terlebih . and also bau diaaa sumpah wangi even almost 2 to 3 days tak shampoo rambut pun still wangi ❤️

For the hair tonic pulak , mostly hair tonic yg i pernah pakai semua bau x puas 😔 and takkene dengan my hair . idk how to describe 😏 dia punya bau tapi memang wangii . and i in lovee gila sebab i can see my hair growth very fast 😍😍😍

It all starts
with the roots.

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